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Gamers of all Generations: Unite!
Gamers of all Generations: Unite!

Gamers of all Generations: Unite!

Posted Apr 25,2016
by Jobedu

We all speak one sign language without realizing it: Triangle, Square, Circle and X; the PlayStation sign language.


Since most of the tribe consists of avid gamers, we dedicated one special t-shirt for it: PlayStation buttons.

But have you ever wondered what these buttons stand for?

It was no coincidence your favorite buttons are the way they are:


We were surprised to know that the circle and X represent “Yes” and “No” decisions, which is why they were designed in red and blue!



However, no matter how much we love the PlayStation, most of us Arab retro gamers have been raised and trained by the first Arab gaming and computing device, Sakhr. Because, who doesn’t remember those long nights in front of a TV screen, and blowing into cartridges because that was the only way they worked better?!

The Jobedu tribe reminisced and wanted to pay tribute to Sakhr because, well, even though we have PlayStation now, we still miss Sakhr!

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