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Uom Kalhtoum's T-shirts Collection
Uom Kalhtoum's T-shirts Collection

Uom Kalhtoum's T-shirts Collection

Posted Mar 27,2016
by Jobedu

The music legend; Uom Kalthoum has inspired the talented Warsheh to design epic t-shirts exclusively for Jobedu. Check them out:


Ya Habibi T-shirt:

ya habibi uom kalthoum t-shirt

 Habibi T-shirt:

habibi by warsheh uom kalthoum t-shirt

Kawkab T-shirt:

uom kalthoum kawkab t-shirt by warsheh


You can buy them online from our website or from our physical stores in Amman in:

1) Rainbow street

2) Abdoun

3) Jabal El Weibdeh


Get your Arab swag on and send us your photos wearing them!

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