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What You Can Learn from the Jobedu Culture
What You Can Learn from the Jobedu Culture

What You Can Learn from the Jobedu Culture

Posted Sep 28,2015
by Edmond Shami

I was lucky to join the Jobedu family right after school graduation. I started as a barista at The Camel's B@c, a short lived cafe concept by Jobedu in 2011, and then as a sales representative and now assisting in building Jobedu Media. I can now say, Jobedu’s culture truly changed my life.


Since joining Jobedu, Tamer, Jobedu's Co-founder and CEO, became my mentor. Tamer played a great role in my life, he has helped me tap into my potential and explore new fields of knowledge. And he does that to every team member. Tamer was never my “boss”, I have always considered him as my big brother. I can call him at anytime and meet with him at any place and we would even discuss the economy, management, business, and so many topics. Most of the time, however, we make fun of each other!


How did that affect the Jobedu culture? Well, let me take you through a normal day at the Jobedu offices. There, you will observe the team continuously debating, not afraid to point out any comment or idea, fighting for the best for Jobedu, not caring a bit about ego.


I have seen so many people evolve and learn quickly after joining the Jobedu team. People have discovered their potential in a way they have never imagined. They have grown and were able to master their skills and go take them to new heights that they didn't think they could! I have witnessed Bilal Talal, a magnificent web developer, grow so much to be able to build a brilliant system for Jobedu that, which I'm sure has the potential to compete internationally. I have seen Oraib,  who was super shy when she first started with the team, become a "turbo" sales engine for Jobedu and one of the most outgoing person I have ever met.


A few months ago, Gresso, an accountant on the team, came to Tamer and proposed to do a football tournament. Although he believed it was an awesome idea Tamer had to say no given how busy the marketing department was already. Nevertheless Gresso, who was passionate about the idea of  soccer being a tool for businesses to socialize after work, made all the arrangements for the idea to come to life and then came back to Tamer. When Tamer saw that, he was thrilled, and he immediately let the marketing team provide full support. Imagine: A guy from accounting, proposing a marketing idea and executing it. The tournament, which attracted over 20 teams was successful and Jobedu is now working on the second one.


Jobedu’s recipe for building a healthy culture is very intuitive: give the team the space to express themselves and experiment with their ideas, get them to communicate with each other effectively, and have a management team dedicated to their needs. The end result will always be a place anyone can realise their potential.


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