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Constructing Creativity
Constructing Creativity

Constructing Creativity

Posted Feb 1,2015

It all started when Mothanna Hussein and Tamer AlMasri where hanging out at a coffee place in Jabal Amman. They wanted to come up with something fun, creative and catchy. That’s how Warsheh, one of the region’s most prominent design studios, was born. One of Jobedu’s unwritten mandates is to support people to the core, and Warsheh was founded on this belief. Similar to Jobedu, Warsheh was the natural result of the urge to grow, create and empower as many individuals as possible.

Since the day it was established, Warsheh has been going through extreme evolutions. It started off with modest yet very humorous clips like Jobedu iPad Story and Branding Noise. As Warsheh started growing into the art scene of Amman, it made an unprecedented buzz. What started off as two friends who wanted to have fun eventually raised the bar of designs status quo in Arabia. In 2011, Hadi Alaeddin joined Warsheh as a partner and designer. Together with Mothanna, he took Warsheh to the next level where it became a very mature art space that caters to branding needs of local, regional and international companies like 7iber, Bargo’s, Hale Coffee, The Studio and more.

Tamer AlMasri, Warsheh’s Co-Founder, is proud of what Warsheh has become during the span of four years. “It all started as a creative kid that Hadi and Mothanna brought into adult hood.” He adds that “Jobedu is honored for having enabled something like Warsheh.”

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