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Jobedu Meets India

Posted Mar 27,2015
by Tamer AlMasri

There are tonnes of travel blogs about India. Nothing can do India justice other than experiencing it’s awesomeness first-hand and I have no intention of trying to change that with this blog.

In 2013 we started sourcing our fabric from the beautiful India. We connected with suppliers, chatted online, emailed back and forth, sampled and it was time to visit. After landing in Calicut and transiting to Coimbatore our suppliers picked us up and we made way to our final destination: Tiripur.


India instantly overloades your sensory system. Cars, tuk tuks, swarms of motorcycles, technicolor buses, pedestrians, and livestock simultaneously move in all directions on narrow roads, relying heavily on horns for echolocation.


During our two hour road trip to Tiripur, our hosts quickly became family. A testament to Tamil hospitality. Ram, Lakshman, Anand, Gopal and Thiru are without a doubt some of the coolest, most accommodating, friendliest guys we’ve met through Jobedu.


Like Meesh and I they too were all school buddies and they stuck together since childhood and built a company with a shared vision.


Growing up in Tirupur, the textile and garment manufacturing capital of India, twins, Ram, a mathematical wiz, and Lakshman, an operational genious, mastered the trade. They have done miracles for Jobedu and taught us volumes about garment sourcing, manufacturing and printing.


Thiru, an actor, was shooting a film about a street artist while we were there and was in his getup. The guys actually employed their talent for garment and textile sourcing skills to support Thiru financially and allow him to reach his potential without having to worry about finances.


Anand opened our eyes to the beautiful and colorful cuisine of India. Idly, curd rice, mutton biryani, Jingha Malai, Murgh Malai, Botti the whole nine yards and more. Aside from shedding light on orifices you never knew you had, Indian food will permanently rewire your taste buds.


We've gone back to India quite a few times since to visit our extended family there. This is a tribute to their support and friendship.


**The soundtrack is from the movie Rowdy Rathore. Indian music makes you move it move it.



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