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Jobedu's Wasta Program
Jobedu's Wasta Program

Jobedu's Wasta Program

Posted Oct 1,2017
by Shiam Kheetan

What is Jobedu’s Wasta program?

Jobedu’s buddy-referral program is an automated system that allows you to collect commission on sales generated from links you share from our website to your social media, email list...etc. We call it a buddy-referral program because whoever you refer will also get an automatic 10% discount on their purchase so everyone is happy :)



How does it work?

Its very simple, now that you have copied the link as instructed just paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest, email, forums, wherever you want!

Your crowd will see it and whoever is interested will click to claim their 10% reward, and when they purchase your account will be credited with online credit from their total invoice.



What content can you share?

Pretty much everything on the website. It could be a whole product category, a design you like, a blog post you think your friends will enjoy to read...etc or just the website in general


How will you know when someone claimed their reward using a link you shared?

Every Friday you will get an email with all the details on every link you shared, how many people clicked on it, how many people purchased. Most importantly you’ll know how much online credit you accumulated so far.




Why should your friends purchase?

Everytime someone purchases through the link you shared, they will get a 10% discount on their purchase.


How much commission do you get for every referred purchase?

You get 5% of the total invoice value for every referred purchase which is added automatically to your account as online credit that you can redeem later on our online store www.jobedu.com




How do you get paid?

At any point just click on the “ claim credit button” on the weekly email and you’ll get the amount in your account deducted from your invoice.

If your credit balance is greater than your invoice, you’ll still have credit left over for future purchases as well.


Sharing Tips:

To get the most out of your shares we advise you NOT TO go share-crazy. Share stuff you KNOW your buddy network will be interested in. We have a tonne of content that will please any appetite :)



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