Amman Design Week 2016
Amman Design Week 2016

Amman Design Week 2016

Posted Sep 7,2016
by Manar El Ayoubi

The dates have been marked and the wait is finally over! From the 1st  till the 9th of September, our beloved Amman is showing its true -artistic- colors at Amman Design Week (ADW)


ADW 2016 is all about celebrating design as both a discipline and a craft, an event first of its kind in the country. Once you set foot in the Ras el Ain Hangar, you are given a map and a bus ride to the Jordan Museum, Downtown, and multiple spots with works of art by multiple artists from the region, works of art that will take your breath away!


Apart from the unique exhibitions around town, many workshops are hosted around the week, such as the Graphic Tees Workshop that we hosted at our Lweibdeh Store on the 5th of September. Jobedu was born out of the design scene a decade ago in Jordan and is deeply rooted in it. We have discussed the canvas that made our name and brand : the t-shirt!


Not to mention, ADW launched their own t-shirt collection through Jobedu, made by 4 local artists and designers : Diala Hamdallah, Lutfi Zayed, Dina Fawakhiri, and Hussein Alazat. You can get the limited edition tees at the ADW gift shops and are stores for the duration of the festivities.



So, if you have a passion for design, in all its aspects, head down to Ras el Ain, grab a map, and let your creative soul wander freely while you still can!


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