Managheesh - 2016
Managheesh - 2016

Managheesh - 2016

Posted Aug 18,2016
by Manar El Ayyoubi


Warning! The following post may contain strong material that might cause a severe laugh attack.


The king of illustration, Lutfi Zayed, hits back with a whole new collection that will sure leave you in tears… tears of laughter of course.


As of august 15th, Jobedu will be serving Managheesh at our stores and online.


This awesome collection by Lutfi Zayed will include the following:


1- Bis Bis Man:

Who would’ve known that cats are the masterminds of business! Could it be that those charming cat eyes are the secret behind their purr-fect careers?




2- Mexico bil kheir:

Believe it or not, Mexicans and Arabs are now closer than ever. They simply got introduced to Arabic coffee and finally noticed the inevitable resemblance between the two languages!



3- Disney:

Disney (Arabic interpretation of “gimme a push”) and that Mickey Mouse glove… Get it? Get it?



4- Mnawer and Mnawrah:

If you’re Arab, you’ve probably seen these two adjectives in the comment section of each and every facebook profile picture out there!

Just in case you’re wondering, they mean “illuminating” (hence the electrifying light bulb).


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