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Win a Trip for Two to the Maldives!
Win a Trip for Two to the Maldives!

Win a Trip for Two to the Maldives!

Posted Aug 1,2016
by Manar El Ayoubi

Are you over 18 years old of age? Are you dying to go on a once in a lifetime vacation by the beach, but only got 50 JDs in your pocket?

Look no further!


From the 1st till the 31st of August, with every 50 JOD purchase at the Jobedu stores (Lweibdeh, Abdoun and Online), you enter the draw to WIN A FULLY PAID TRIP FOR TWO TO THE MALDIVES*!


You might be the one laying on the warm sand of the Maldives from the 12th till the 18th of September with anyone of your choice!

Make sure you are over 18 years old of age, you’re able to travel from the 12th till the 18th of September, you consent being photographed/videotaped throughout the trip, and of course, make sure you purchase with an amount of 50 JOD from our stores!



*Fully paid trip includes:

  • TWO round trip tickets to the Maldives and back

  • ONE room reservation at the “Reethi Beach Resort”, all inclusive.

  • All transportation to and from the hotel

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