Jobedu 2013: Hindia!
Jobedu 2013: Hindia!

Jobedu 2013: Hindia!

Posted Jul 31,2016
by Tamer AlMasri

Developing the Jobedu product is an ongoing process. Every product we put out goes through many cycles of internal development to get it up to a quality we are proud to call Jobedu’s and then it goes through even more development once we get your feedback.


Jobedu works with many different suppliers to get its products made. Working with suppliers has been an adventure in itself over the years.


When we first started we produced the goods in Jordan, however in 2008, given how inefficient and time consuming the process was to import fabric which took two months and then wait another two months for production we decided to move our production to Syria since we used to get the fabric from there anyways. This sped up our production big time. We were getting our t-shirts on a monthly basis and everything was sunshine and butterflies.


In July 2013 the civil war in Syria started and their whole economy shut down super fast. Overnight we were without a supplier. We only had stock at hand for 60 - 90 days max. We needed a solution and we needed it fast. The factory we worked with in Jordan before was shutting down and we had no local alternative. We needed to search elsewhere.


We started corresponding with a production facility in India. After a few back and forths and initial sampling we packed our stuff and flew over to meet our new production partners in India an incredible experience. We developed a whole range of products together and created processes to help us manage communication and logistics smoothly just like we did with our Syrian partner.




All throughout 2013 we worked closely with our friends in Tirrupur, India. We built trust and things started picking up again. Goods started flowing in. But not for long.


At the end of 2013 the Jordanian government increased customs on imported clothes from 5% - 20% which made our goods too expensive to import from India. We needed to go back to the drawing board. Back to square one.


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