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Jobedu 2011: Jobedu TV
Jobedu 2011: Jobedu TV

Jobedu 2011: Jobedu TV

Posted Jul 11,2016
by Tamer AlMasri

Mohammad Zakaria has always been not only Jobedu’s friend but a part of our journey as well. The founder of Philadelphia skateboards also happens to be one of the first people to explore Jobedu on video.


Zakaria is in fact a computer engineer and was working in software up until he decided make a career shift and dive into the creative sphere where he belonged. Jobedu, a brand that was founded by two people who have sacrificed their day jobs to explore creativity, welcomed Zak on board with open arms.


Having Zakaria on the team was a blast. His personality radiated with fun, creative and positive energy and it was apparent in everything he did. Even though our video equipment was terrible our videos somewhat ended up having a unique charm to them nonetheless.



We started to communicate our messages to our audience via video. Whether it was a collection to be launched, store renovations, a celebration we reverted to video, our unfiltered and boundless medium to express ourselves. We even at some point played with the idea of creating a reality TV show around the concept of hiring staff to work at Jobedu called “Wathafuk.”


After taking Jobedu to the next level, Zakaria moved on his journey to focus on his first and true love: Philadelphia Skateboards. Thanks Zak. One love.


Photo by: Philadephia Skateboards. 



Japanese Childhood Promo


Jobedu BBQ



Wathafuk Challenge






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