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Jobedu 2010: Jobedu Ventures into Food!
Jobedu 2010: Jobedu Ventures into Food!

Jobedu 2010: Jobedu Ventures into Food!

Posted Jul 10,2016
by Tamer AlMasri

2010 was a very interesting year for the Jobedu brand as we went on to expressing ourselves in different mediums.


Next to our Lweibdeh store was a small vacant shop. Meesh got news that someone was planning to open a home supplies store there. That would have killed the momentum building up in Baouniyyeh which was becoming livelier and livelier.


He went and met up with our friends at Book@Cafe and pitched the idea of them opening a small cafe in that spot instead. Madian and Mazhar Al Jazeera loved the idea but they wanted it to be a co-branded venture a Jobedu and Books@Cafe called “The Camel’s B@C”.



As with everything Jobedu, the Camel’s B@C was not gonna be just a coffee shop. It was gonna offer something new and fresh. Working closely with Madian, his bakery and chefs, we innovated a new bread that we named “The Bogaila”. The bogaila had the softness and fluff of a ka3ek bread, the shape of a bagel and many flavors. It came in cheddar, zaatar, olives, garlic, dates, sun dried tomatoes and much much more.



The Camel’s B@C was the tribe’s hang out spot for the next two years. Unfortunately the venture didn’t kick off as we hoped it would. The space was too small for the vision and costs were too high.




It was the first time we ventured outside our apparel comfort zone and we do hope to one day revisit this chapter in Jobedu’s brand and other fields we can express ourselves in.

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