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Tribe's Favorite Murals in Amman
Tribe's Favorite Murals in Amman

Tribe's Favorite Murals in Amman

Posted Jul 8,2016
by Manar El Ayoubi

Amman is a beautiful city in all its aspects, its tiny alleys, its old walls and the many murals spurting out all over town.

Here are the tribe’s top 5 graffiti murals on the canvas that is Amman:


1- Deer by Suhaib Attar.



Right around Paris Square in Jabal el Lweibdeh, lies a piece of art by the famous graffiti artist, Suhaib Attar. Known for his recognizable style of geometric shapes and lines with numerous murals around town, Jobedu saw something special in the Deer. No wonder we decided to put it on a t-shirt!




2- Hybrid Folklore Dress by Yazan Halwani


This Lebanese artist known for his murals around the streets of Beirut that paid tribute to legends like Sabah and Feiruz paid a visit to Amman, specifically Jabal el Lweibdeh, this May to work on this project: a plastic mannequin in the “hybrid” (Jordanian, Palestinian and Circassian) folkloric dress, to interpret the mixture of cultures in this country.



3- Inspire Courage by Wesam Shadid (a.k.a Wize One) and Jonathan Darby


Local urban talent, Wize One, and well renowned British artist, Jonathan Darby, collaborated together on this mural in Wadi al Rimam (East Amman) as part of the USAID Takamol project as a way to inspire courage. And what a better courage inspiration than a mother passing it on to her daughter!



4- As One I am Fragile, Together we are Strong by Suhaib Attar and Akut from Herakut


On World Refugee Day last year, Suhaib Attar and Akut from Herakut (Germany) joined forces to stand by anyone who was forced to leave their home country. They painted the UNHCR headquarters in Amman aiming to pass on one message and one message only: strength is in unity. “As one I am fragile, together we are strong”!



5- Pink Floyd Tribute by Wesam Shadid (a.k.a Wize One)


Not only did he pay tribute to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Wesam added his personal calligraffiti touch to the famous album cover, making it even more iconic and unique!

Wize One may have made many walls of Amman his canvas, but this hidden mural at Eco Kids on 5th circle made the tribe wanna give him a standing ovation!


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