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Jobedu 2008: The People's Brand
Jobedu 2008: The People's Brand

Jobedu 2008: The People's Brand

Posted Jul 9,2016
by Tamer AlMasri

2008: The People’s Brand.


After the first summer it was clear there was an interest in apparel and accessories showcasing locally relevant content. We moved ahead in producing the first batch of Jobedu branded t-shirts with the camel crossing icon on the sleeves.


At JARA 2008 we rolled out our new booth design as well. The clothing line and laundry baskets. Our cash-box was even an empty Persil box.


We had 13 new designs that we worked on closely with two designers over the year. They were:


  1. Peace M.E Back Together

  2. Eish Ya 6

  3. Chagfeh

  4. Mtamse7

  5. Ma3eesh A7lig

  6. Ma3eesh Asashwir

  7. This is Jerash

  8. Wanna Get Freekeh

  9. Za7lig

  10. I Camel Jo

  11. Wadi Rum and Coke

  12. Deerbalak

  13. Eish Ya Batta


Jobedu’s Camel Crossing Sign was put on a street pole for the first time.


Ever since we started we’ve always wanted people to be involved in building the brand with us. It was extremely helpful to get feedback on the cut, the fit and the designs which helped us continuously improve the product and the brand over the years. One of the comments we got was to steer away from Arabeezi (when you write Arabic using English letters), which we used for most of the designs in the 2008 collection, and focus on Arabic typography instead. Others really liked what we did with the booth and were curious to see how else Jobedu would express itself.

We listened then and always will. The team is dedicated to building and evolving the Jobedu experience in everything we do in an effort to meet people’s expectations of their brand.

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