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Why We Love Caffe Strada
Why We Love Caffe Strada

Why We Love Caffe Strada

Posted Jun 17,2016
by Jobedu

The first thing you ask yourself before visiting Caffè Strada is, obviously, what does “strada” actually mean?

Well, to all of you who just like us had no idea, “strada” stands for “street” in italian!

Just like the name, the inside of Caffè Strada is very italiano: the brick walls, the white wooden chairs and the warm european aspect…

Apart from serving amazing coffee, a wide variety of tea (around 30 types) and delicious food, Strada is a SMOKE FREE open space, something we rarely get to see here in Amman!

This is why we at Jobedu love Caffè Strada.

So grab your favorite book, or better yet, your friends, and enjoy a sunny morning in this tiny italian Strada!


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