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We Shall Name It "Jobedu"
We Shall Name It "Jobedu"

We Shall Name It "Jobedu"

Posted Mar 10,2015
by Tamer Al Masri

The word “Jobedu” has a deep meaning to us within our team’s culture. When we started, we had barely had anything in terms of resources; $4,000 to our names and a couple of cars.  We needed to come up with a sustainable formula that can do a whole lot with next to nothing.


While many people look to the West when in comes to inspiration, especially when it comes to business models, we decided to look east, towards home. We decided that with our resources and our mission, the most suitable business model should come from the masters of resourcefulness in the face of adversity: the Bedouins.


"Bedouins are natural-born entrepreneurs. Legendary bootstrappers. Kings of startups. Master strategists. Miracle Planners. Survivors of the first degree."


Bedouins are natural-born entrepreneurs. Legendary bootstrappers. Kings of startups. Master strategists. Miracle Planners. Survivors of the first degree. Driven by necessity, Bedouins have made themselves into magicians when it comes to managing resources. Their nature as nomads meant that they relocated constantly, and they did left nothing behind. They took the whole gang with them on every trip, and made sure to not have more than they needed. They quickly learned not just to survive on very little, but to do so and prosper. After all, not doing so would have meant their demise in harsh arabian deserts.


Every move they made came with meticulous preparation; how far would they travel? how much food would they need? what route would they take? how many would each camel carry? Before GPS was even a day dream in anyone’s head, they were the forefathers of navigation. Using the night stars to find their way through the dark of night, across open stretches of sand as far as the eye can see, they never failed to find their destinations. No cars, no freeways, no Google Maps on their dashboard. Just oceans of sand, their living desert ships, and the night sky.


Four-thousand dollars, two cars, and an ocean of determination. We started with next to nothing, and learned to grow and prosper with next to nothing. Today, Jobedu continues to skyrocket towards bigger and better things everyday. Yet we have never forgotten where we began, or who we are. We did it in the spirit of the Bedu; the spirit of Jobedu.


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