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How it All Started
How it All Started

How it All Started

Posted Mar 8,2015
by Tamer AlMasri

We get asked quite a lot about how the whole idea started. We are pretty sure we invented neither the t-shirt nor the graphic t-shirt. What we set out to do was to attempt to create an energetic brand that is relevant to Arab culture and seeks to be creative in everything it does.


To answer the “how did it all start” question I’m gonna have to go way back. Meesh and I are high school friends (1997). It was the beginning of our 10th grade and we had both just moved schools. Meesh heard that I play the guitar and invited me to go over to his house for a jam session. When I joined, the crew had already included Richard Haddad (RIP), Zeid Nassreddin, Fahad AlQassab, Mohammad Salamin, and Khalil Dabat. 10 years later Meesh and I would come to realise that that is when Jobedu started.


It wasn’t just a jam session. It was brotherhood. It was a bunch of guys who chilled together, laughed together, fought over meaningless things and just had a good time. The funny part was regardless of how many times we put each other in deep trouble we somehow always had each other’s back.


Every day was a different adventure. Whether it be some commotion we improvised at school, chilling at Chilli House (the burger joint next door), or having fun around town, everyday was a different adventure that near always ended with us sitting on a sidewalk eating shawerma.


The countless times we bailed each other out from teachers, principals, parents, cops, classmates, other schools, and neighbors produced the endless stories, inside jokes and memories we treasure. The beauty of it all is that only we will only fully understand them.


I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when I say they were by far the best 3 years of our lives. What's truly amazing to me is how a tightly knit group of fun loving guys gravitate many many others to them. I guess that's the essence of the Jobedu brand.


Whats your highschool gang like? tell us in the comments!


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Faris Philippi Mar 10,2015 /

All I remember was being harassed by these T shirt makers... I can't believe I actually buy their T shirts now :P

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