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Jobedu's Funny Valentine

Posted Feb 14,2015

Red teddy bears, plastic roses, I-love-you-baby song marathons, cheesy Hallmark cards, and a whole lot of stuff in all shades of red; love it or hate it, Valentine’s hype is impossible to ignore. This year at Jobedu, we wanted to give our very own take on Valentine’s like never before; a romantic candle-lit dinner for a special couple with a live performance at the second floor of our Abdoun branch, all with the right Jobedu twist.


On the 14th of February 2015 at 8 PM, we were ready to receive our guests. The moment they stepped into our store, Majdi and Mary – a beautiful couple married for 13 years – got the welcoming of newlyweds; our friend and talented percussionist Majeed led the crowd with his tabla. Jobedu’s Co-founder Tamer – who chose a special stage name for the evening: Timo Noss-Kom aka the Golden Voice – grabbed hold of his microphone and welcomed the first couple with a special rendition of Doqqou El Mazaher.

Our heart-warming welcome reminded the couple of their own wedding. “As if I’m a bride all over again, I’m really shy!” said a blushing Mary as her hubby Majdi was munching on our delicious appetiser, Fa La Felle. Meanwhile, our performers Timo and Majeed continued to entertain the guests with a selection of the best – and probably cheesiest – love songs from east and west. As we served our first couple their main course, Mansaf a la Lahme, Timo performed a special version of Lionel Richie’s Hello. Later, he was joined by Shiam in a tabla-infused version of Pink’s Just Give Me A Reason.

After a satisfying Mansaf meal followed by a yummy chocolate dessert, Majdi and Mary joined Timo in singing along Abdel Halim Hafez’s Sawwah, featuring our own Saja who tied a shirt around her waist, grabbed castanets on her fingers and entertained everyone with a belly dance show like no other.

At the end of that beautiful evening, Majdi and Mary toasted the success of Jobedu – with nothing more than fuzzy Sharbat – and thanked everyone for this special Valentine’s celebration. “We’ve been married for 13 years, and this is the first time we enjoy Valentine’s that much,” said Majdi.

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