T-shirt colors to try on this summer!
T-shirt colors to try on this summer!

T-shirt colors to try on this summer!

Posted May 26,2016
by Manar Ayoubi

Summer Oh-Sixteen is on the horizon (if not here), and we’ve already had an idea on how hot it’s gonna be. That being said, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate this heat than to just have fun and go crazy with your summer wardrobe!

So put on your sunglasses, grab a cold drink (with extra ice cubes) and check out what are the best t-shirt colors for this summer!


What screams summer louder than the beach?! This color will take you on summer vacations to exotic beaches!

summer blue basic t-shirt

Make sure you have the new Jobedu Red Melange t-shirt in your summer wardrobe, because we promise you, this color is all about fun summer days!

red basic t-shirt

Before you guys say anything about how green means spring and only spring, wait till you see this tee! Basically, we are loving this color for a huge reason: it looks amazing with a tan! Ready to catch some sun?

green basic t-shirt

Black and white are like the immortals of colors. Rainy or sunny, winter or summer, these classics never die and never seem to disappear from anyone’s closet!

basic black t-shirt whit basic t-shirt

This summer, make sure you look your best and make a statement with these beautiful colors!


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