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5 Spots to Die for in Jabal al Weibdeh.
5 Spots to Die for in Jabal al Weibdeh.

5 Spots to Die for in Jabal al Weibdeh.

Posted May 18,2016
by Manar Ayoubi

5 Spots to Die for in Jabal al Weibdeh.


Ever since we began our journey in 2007, we were all about showcasing the other side of Amman, the artistic side. Maybe that’s why we opened our first shop back in 2009 in Jabal el Weibdeh. It was home, so we set our first tent there!

Just as soon as you get past those tiny alleys, and you find yourself facing the Paris Circle, you’ll get an overview of what awaits you in that area.


So, if you’re someone who’s into the artistic scene, if you’re someone who appreciates the simple life rather than the extravagant, the tiny alleys rather than crowded highways, you may find here the top 5 places to go to in Amman, particularly in Jabal el Weibdeh:


  1. Rumi Cafe.
    Named after the famous 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic, Rumi gives you a general idea of the chill atmosphere surrounding Jabal al Weibdeh. So grab a good book or your laptop and enjoy one tasty cup of coffee or tea at Rumi while listening to some good relaxing tunes!


  1. Namliyeh.
    The name says it all (Cupboard in Arabic): once you walk in, all you can see is cupboards full of 100% homemade natural jams, made from hand picked ripe fruits. Breakfast ideas anyone?


  2. Chaplin’s.
    Apart from being a great hangout place to gather with all your friends, apart from having a chill and relaxed outdoor facade, Chaplin’s is the go-to Comedy Club in Amman! Stand-up comedians from all over the globe have set foot on this stage to make spectaculars laugh and laugh endlessly! Anyone in for a night out on the town?


  3. Fann wa Chai.
    A.k.a Art and Tea. With old wooden chairs, a vintage TV/Aquarium, and amazing paintings that take your breath away, Fann wa Chai is the place to enjoy a good book while you sip on a nice cup of tea and who knows? Maybe eventually get yourself a mesmerizing piece of art!


  1. Darat al Funun.
    Artists of the Arab World, unite! Darat al Funun is where every artist, everyone with a tiny bit of creativity can come and showcase their talents, their works of art. If you’re fond of contemporary art, this is the place to visit!


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