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The designs that started it all
The designs that started it all

The designs that started it all

Posted Jun 29,2007

In order to work on the illustration of Jobedu's first logo, Tamer and Meesh went on a trip to the Dead Sea. They needed to capture a camel's silhouette to give their brand an image, so they ended up giving a free photoshoot to some beautiful Jordanian camels. However, the task was not as easy as it seems; some of the camel owners were not amused by the fact that Tamer and Meesh had no interest in riding their camels, and so they made sure to charge them for the photos taken. Moreover, the perfect silhouette seemed quite out of reach, because the terrible image quality made the camels look weird, and none of the photos was good enough. The solution was to collage a whole bunch of camel photos and voila, Jobedu had its first logo.

Afterwards, Tamer and Meesh both brainstormed every idea that can be put on a t-shirt, and came up with 43 designs that were narrowed into a shortlist of 6 designs. Tamer then worked with illustrator Basma Omar on the execution of these designs that soon became Jobedu's first t-shirts: I Survived Mansaf, Got Jameed, Pimp Basha, Khishneh Willa Na3meh, Save the Dead Sea and Camel Crossing or the Jobedu Logo.

The first Jobedu t-shirts looked simple yet very cool to wear, and so they received a great public reaction on their debut at Souk Jara. People came from everywhere with their families and friends to see these witty t-shirts that made everyone laugh. They have become classics in our apparel collection and all-time favorites to many of our customers. More than 7 years later, Jobedu still recognizes its first 6 t-shirts that introduced our Arab brand to the world.

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Cesar Cesar May 25,2015 /

if a place an order for Florida US can you do it thanks Cesar Bances bancescesar@gmail.com

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